3D Garden Designs

No Garden is too big nor too small!

By way of our design team at "The Garden Artist" we offer a facility whereby Neil or Caroline will visit your property and get an opportunity to discuss with you your aspirations for the garden area, take measurements, samples and photographs. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know us a little.

After a little time back at base, we compile a preliminary design. This link is then forwarded to you for your perusal. After you have had an opportunity to view and take in the different ideas, we then discuss your thoughts. This feedback can be done by email, over the phone or if you would rather, in person.


Having discussed your thoughts we then spent some time on possible alterations to the preliminary designs, we should now have established some of the ideas that you would like to see in your own space. We now submit a design that represents a far closer reflection of your dreams.


Having arranged for material samples to be available for your perusal, we now look at the approximate cost of the project if it went to construction. If at this stage the cost for the construction was more than you feel comfortable to spend, we look at available options, perhaps changes in design and materials that can reduce the financial impact. Many customers also consider a possible phased construction, allowing the desired final garden to become a reality but rather over several construction phases.


Almost there, all that remains is the "Final design" showing all that has been discussed, reflecting all that you had wished for your garden and at a budget that you are most comfortable with.